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Our website is dedicated on providing to those college individuals who have recently graduated or will be graduating in the near future, a place where they can solicit themselves to employers. This also includes military veterans with at least 4 years of service and an honorable discharges. JobaNex is the best job matching tool on the web for employers. It provides precise search and pre-screening ability all in one click.

JobaNex’s goal is to provide the best social media job placement website in the market. With college students seeking professional employment and employers around the globe seeking to hire outstanding professionals, JobaNex exist to connecting employers to professionals globally!

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Join the Largest Database of Professionals

  • Solicit yourself to a global workforce!
  • Post your professional resume!
  • Upload a free 30 second video about yourself!
  • Track the companies who are interested in you!
  • Great for recent or future college graduates!
  • Why stress? Let employers find you!

Jobseeker’s Highlights

  • Professionals – Members are listed as professionals, whether you’re a recent college student or future graduate.
  • Veterans – Members who are veterans are highlighted with their military background and branch of service.
  • Video (30 – 60 sec.) – All members will have an introduction video giving the employers your first impression.
  • Online Resume – Members will have an online resume where employers will be able to review your background or work history.
  • Download tutorials – Members can have access to hundreds of tutorials enhancing their employment search ability.
  • Channel network your colleagues – Members will have the ability to connect with other members to send messages, share files, pictures and videos.
  • Rating system and more….

Subscribed Members

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Plus get access to College Job Board, Employer’s Job Postings and Crunch Box, a channel where members can post homework questions.