Frequently Asked Questions

If you are the job seeker, Jobanex allows you the member, who is an active student, a future graduate, or a veteran, to create a profile, upload an introduction video, sit back and wait for employers to come find you.

If you are the employer, Jobanex allows you the member, who is an employer, to search and access precised candidates profile. Using the filter and category feature in the search tool allows for employers to find, review, and contact a specific candidate for immediate or future placement.

Anyone can join Jobanex, but must meet the criteria in order to be activated. Jobanex validates all members. A member must meet the criteria of a job seeker or an employer. A job seeker can be referred to any user who is an active student, future graduate, post graduate, veteran, or professional individual with a technical or college degree. An employer can be referred to any user who is an individual or entity seeking to fill a position. Employers must register with an FEIN.

There is no cost to members who have a job seeker basic account. Members with a job seeker premium account will be charged a monthly fee. Members with an employer account will be charged a premium fee depending on the type of account selected.

The following are the types of accounts offered by Jobanex:

Job Seeker – Basic (Free) Premium (Fee)

Employer – Premium (Fee) Gold, Silver, Platinum

Jobanex does not permit users to upload their own resume. Jobanex uses the member’s background to generate and create resumes. A member’s resume is saved in a standard format on their profile page. Once the resume is created, members can select different layout options.

On Jobanex, “my network channel “ is a group of members who are connected to your network. These members can chat, post comments and share files with you directly. Members outside your “my network channel” may still communicate with you, but only if you accept to.

On Jobanex, members can activate or inactivate their account. Members are not able to delete an account. Because Jobanex validates all accounts, an account is never deleted, but can be suppressed. A suppressed account means the account is not found by either members or employers. This allows the user to return and reactivate their account at a later time without having to go through the process of creating a new account.

To suppress your account, you must go to your profile setting and select manage my account. In manage my account you can select suppress my account. It will ask you to confirm that you want to suppress your account. Once you suppress your account, it becomes inactive and not viewable by anyone including members and employers. To reactivate a suppressed account, activation will need to be approved by the website administrator which may take several days.

On Jobanex, you have what we call channels. Channels are pages linked to your profile page. From your profile page you have the capability to enter into different channels such as My Colleagues/Crunch Box/Nightlife/Job Board/Sidebar.

My Colleagues is a channel where members can join each other’s wall and be able to connect.

Crunch Box is a channel where members can post homework questions and answers.

Job board is a channel where you and other members can see & post job postings in your area. Members with a basic or premium account can post on Job board. These posting can include an internship, fellowship, or project.

College Nightlife is a channel where members can post and find the college nightlife in the area.

Sidebar is a channel where you and other members can blog.